Ma Rosalie Imperial, International Marketer of Alliance in Motion

Ma Rosalie Imperial, International Marketer of Alliance in Motion

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What is your story?

Ma Rosalie Imperial is my name and I am into distribution business (Health & Wellness/Natural Supplements). I’m a professional Network Marketer. I train, coach and mentor people throughout the world who want to start their own businesses (part time) and help them earn additional INCOME outside of what they are currently doing right now. I have done this from year 2016 until present.

But before I become a business woman I am from a poor family live in a province, then until I graduate I came to manila to find a job, good news I found one then, my life change a little and I helped my family in all the expenses and needed. But it is not enough. Then, one day someone invited me in this business Alliance in Motion global but first i don’t believe her until I realized that ever since I worked, no matter what I did, there is no changes. I do not have time and financial freedom, So I decided to join and give it a try, at first i do it as a part-time job until I become full-time and now a very successful woman in this industry. This is my short story and I hope i inspired you.

What excites you about your industry?

What excite me most in my industry now is  being free to financial and time freedom, and also the most exciting part is I talk other people knowing that we never seen just only talking online, I am so much happy that they give their full trust to me and we became friends, best friends, and a family. I always say that my business partners once they join me, I treat them like one of my family members. In every person I meet online, I inspire them and they inspire me too because some of my business partners have no arms, legs, or even a disabled join and trust in the business that’s the most happy moments I value the trust their given to me.

Favorite city in Nigeria for business and why?

My favorite place in Nigeria is Lagos, Port Harcourt because that’s the city of my first leaders and first business partners in Nigeria. That’s so unforgettable. I am so glad that they trust me even though I am a Filipino and a stranger but they trust me.

The best piece advice i received is follow your dreams, if you have something ro achieve then go for it, don’t listen to those people who discourage you, because they are not the one who will benefit. When you listen to those dream stealer, they just want you to be same again.All progress begins with a brace decision.  What brave decisions have you made to make progress.

Who inspires me?

The person who inspires me is those people who are very successful in life, from poor to extraordinary person. They prove that whatever you are or whoever you are ,you have the freedom to be successful as long as you have a dream .specially the board of directors of alliance in motion global.

If you had your time, what would you do differently?

I do really have time everyday because i have a financial and time freedom. Thanks to aim global i have a freedom to go wherever i want i have the freedom to choose a people who want to be and talk.I do believe that if you have time and financial freedom you can do whatever you want to do, because base on what i see many people is have a financial freedom but have no time freedom but there is a people who have time freedom but no financial freedom.

If someone wants to start up in your field, what is your advice?

If someone starts to be in my field, the best advice i can do is join no more doubt and fear, just try the best whatever it takes because at the end of the day you will be successful 100% sure of this business is going to success, just don’t quit. People who quit is the one who are not get their success. Believe in God believe that having an opportunity to meet my field is not a accident its a faith and destiny for every person who know this opportunity.because some people want to join but have no capital, then those people who have capital but won’t join due to there pride. Even you are a millionaire if you want to help a poor people you must join because at this kind of opportunity you help a millions of people because of our alive foundation.

How do you relax after work?

I relax after work when i pray to God
Asking for his forgiveness and help for everything he give me a test in life. Listening to his music and gratitude , and smile for no reason.

A word from Ma Rosalie Imperial:

You cannot control what happens to you but you can control your attitude towards what happens to you, and in that you will be mastering change rather than allowing it ti master you.
Dont be afraid to fail.
Be afraid not to try.
Failure is the ingredients to become successful.
There is no failure only lesson.

How can people connect me?

People can connect me through online and offline. I have my personal Facebook, I use my true identity to recognize me easily and to show that I have an integrity. I have my Whatsapp, Imo, viber, instagram messenger, that the people how i connect because nowadays we all know that we are in a high-tech world, Which I will give to anyone that connects me through Facebook. One sent of message you already tell the person what you want that’s a cellphone use.
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